Workplace Mindfulness

 Workplace Mindfulness

  1. Learn how to stop the spiral effect of wrong decisions
  2. Enhance your focus, attention and clarity
  3. Enhance workplace communication and task management
  4. Increase the ability to execute and implement (higher level of productivity)
  5. Reduce stress - learn how to manage stress as you experience it
  6. Build resiliency in the face of challenging situations

The class curriculum includes guided meditation, discussion and hands-on practices. 

The goal is to cultivate Mindfulness and a sense of presence so students can manage their life and business more effectively and reap the benefits.  You may have read an article, attended a seminar or heard from someone that Mindfulness has many benefits.  It is true, Mindfulness practices are immensely beneficial to enhance our attention, health and the ability to make appropriate choices and decisions that lead to our happiness and success.  But it means nothing to you until you learn the techniques and practice making it an experiential knowing rather than information knowing.  During a 6 weeks course you will be guided in several ways by Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, who regularly practices and teaches Mindfulness to fine tune your sense of presence and well-being and resilience when experiencing challenging situations and emotions.

Dr. Motaghy has brought Mindfulness into management consulting and employee training for many organizations such as Health Net Inc. for increased employee well-being and productivity. 

Here is what one of her clients say:

"Dr. Manijeh Motaghy has a strong understanding of the connection between the various strengths in Strengths Finder.  Coupled with her teaching of mindfulness, I have learned to be more aware of my strengths and how to appropriately use them at the right time to positively impact my work and personal life."
Hoa Su, MPH, Manager, Health Education, State Health Programs

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Benefits of Mindfulness by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn

If you have tried all other strategies and employee trainers and are still short, you must take this course as it will be life changing.  You will learn the fundamentals of how to bring this transformative practice into your daily life.  Did I mention this is an amazing tool for stress management?

Let us know if you need other formats, i.e.. workshops and presentations. 

Call or write to us and embark on a journey through this advanced training in the art of living.




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