Need Analysis


The Vision of Healthy Organizations!

Experts in Project Management call this Root Cause Analysis.  Need Analysis here refers to getting to the bottom of reason and purpose for seeking specific solutions.  Getting at the inception of the idea that rose the Need for solution is vital in understanding it and resolving it most effectively.  Earlier, we explained the need for the ability to Actualize in The Moment.

Before ATM (Actualizing in The Moment) becomes possible, basic, potential, or actual needs of the person or the situation must be carefully analyzed and accurately identified. These needs include directly expressed or unspoken ones.   A Business Analyst, management consultant and or a Leader who embodies the COMANDTM model is aware that neglecting, ignoring or not understanding their constituents' personal and professional needs (both spoken and unspoken) can be detrimental to their joint success and fulfillment of their goals and objectives.  In fact, without accurate Need Analysis any project, goal, objective, even mission and vision is in high risk for failing.  Inaccurate Need Analysis may end up in planning for the wrong interventions / solutions and result in wasting billions of dollars worth of financial and other resources, causing more harm and dissatisfaction than may be endurable by those involved.


In order to accurately assess these needs, it is important to inspire and re-invigorate DO (Desired Outcomes), listen empathically, observe mindfully and detect areas of biases and limitations without judgment.   Leaders and professionals in COMANDTM incorporate connectedness, openness, genuine curiosity with compassion in order to provide the necessary space for core needs to emerge. Hence, facilitating accurate assessment of client needs, available resources, and best solutions for their fulfillment.  In this way the leader/ consultant/ professional gains deeper understanding of client's underlying and apparent goals. These professionals strive to train their clients by modeling (ATM) Actualization in The Moment; they simultaneously proceed to develop integrated strategies that provide enhancement for client's current state, suggest strategies to accomplish their Desired Outcome and create an environment for continuous cultivation of ATM (Actualization in The Moment).  Ask our experts how to go about getting to the bottom of things and creating interventions that best suit the actual need/ problem/ objective.  See recommendations.


Our leadership & strategic seminars / workshops provide step by step training to the most effective way of conducting Need Analysis.  See our Calendar for these workshops / seminars.


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