Mind management



The Vision of Healthy Organizations!

The mind is the most important element in management.   All the knowledge and financial resources that can produce great results for corporations may not be enough or as fruitful if those who manage these resources do not have a dependable mind. 

It is through the mind that all information is regulated and interpreted.  According to author and UCLA professor Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., "The mind can be defined as an embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information." Dr. Siegel explains that a well-balanced and healthy mind is one that is well-integrated.  He explains  the negative impacts of lack of integration in the brain and the mind, "Deviations from this integrated flow are revealed as rigidity and/or chaos and result in symptomatic conditions that may be experienced as inflexible, maladaptive, incoherent, deflated and unstable." 

Since, the mind is what manages all our affairs both in our personal and professional lives, then it is  vital to have a well integrated brain and healthy mind.  Staying connected internally and externally is the key.  In order to stay Connected, expand and maintain Openness, it is vital that we practice Mindfulness regularly.  Science has proven that utilizing the practice of mindfulness enhances awareness and the ability to experience phenomenon clearly as they occur in the moment.  A clear and integrated mind, cleansed of its biases, pre-judgments / assumptions and confusions is essential for successful management and leadership.  A leader in COMANDTM creates and maintains clarity, equanimity, and innovation through a daily practice of concentration, reflection, investigation and detachment.

Our leadership seminars and workshops provide in-dept training sessions to cultivate and strengthen one's Mind for more dependability and effective management.  See our Calendar for these workshops / seminars.

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